Welcome to MOs place where we can begin having fun soon

post your basketball plays in the porn forum and tell me you think im a POS right here and dont fear 'post review'. That shit is for puussies. For a few days we will discuss why the US government which is run by a bunch of faaggots who dont mind spending OUR money on an unjustified war but we cant bet OUR money however the fuck we want. Did bush earn our money or did we? Bush would be working at Subway if it wasnt for his last name and the money in his family, but instead hes making our country an embarrassment and now the government is also trying to take away the means by which we take our mind off of all that is wrong with the world. we peacefully (most of us) sit at home, grab a drink, place some wagers, dont bother anyone, make some jokes, follow our scores, and either brag about how well we did or complain about why we lost. Oh dear lord, put this all to an end, where will the madness stop. fact is, people need an escape from reality. people work at jobs they dont love, but they do it to pay the bills and take care of their family, once we're adults not only is there work but 90% of us have someone in our family who is ill or has recently passed or is going through something hard and we have to be there for them and the family. Kids getting in trouble, the woman complaining about lord knows what and who the fuck knows why, but she is, the cable went out but we dont get a refund for the day its out, and im late for work b/c i was scraping ice off my windshield with a credit card b/c who in the hell knows where the window scraper is and now my boss is pissing at me and fuck him. So every once in a while we Need to escape, dream of hitting that 10 teamer, dream that we will hit a winning streak, think about ways to increase you chances at beating the book, or just relax and enjoy a game that would otherwise have no meaning. Last i checked we were all betting OUR money in a country created based on cries of 'freedom'. So not only do we have a president, that recieved less votes than his oponent, explaining democracy to a country that was no threat to us, after having lied to us about why we attacked them, after having killed thousands of their citizens who did nothing wrong but be born to someone living in a place that our 'elected' leader doesnt like, but now our government is gonna tell us what we can and cannot do with our own money. Tax us, spend our money taking innocent lives, ignore people in new orleans who are homeless, ignore the crime and poverty only a 6 minute drive from the white house, dont insure our population without outrageous costs, and now tell us how we can and cannot use the money we have left. in some states a guy can walk down the street with a gun and a beer, but his neighbor cannot place a wager.

lets have a great weekend, fuck the bullshit.
Re: Welcome to MOs place where we can begin having fun soon

party time!!!,
When the cat is gone the mice will play!
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lets rock boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mo! im not fucked up yet!
illbe back as soon as im smashed!!:cheers :cheers :cheers :+excited- :+excited- :+excited- :cheers :+excited-
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haha im not sure fletch, but i do know i have feelings for her.


gotti, i expect you to be crushed by now, lets get on top of that.

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