What are the common treatment methods of corundum?


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Among the natural gem materials, the hardness of corundum is second only to diamond. Ruby and sapphire are two of the most important corundum. Transparent Ruby and sapphire are often faceted gems. Translucent or defective materials are processed into curved surfaces or beads. Corundum has a variety of colors, regardless of cutting and transparency, showing a bright glass luster.cationic polyacrylamide powder

Important sources of corundum include Australia, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Tanzania, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. At present, among the gem grade corundum in the commercial market, African gems account for a considerable proportion. Although Thailand's deposit production is not large, it is still an important corundum grinding and trading center.

The common treatment methods of corundum are heat treatment, diffusion and composite stone. It is necessary to avoid direct heating during filling, covering borax before heating and cleaning during filling.

Ruby is the birthstone of July. A 16th century writer described Ruby as: "it controls passion, dispels evil ideas, protects the property of the legitimate owner, mediates disputes, brings peace, regulates and preserves physical and health." In the past, most red gemstones with good hardness and luster, including ruby, spinel and garnet, were often called "Ruby".

With the continuous improvement of people's ability to understand gemstones, these non Ruby materials themselves have been better understood. The three important quality factors affecting value are color, cleanliness and cutting. The most valuable gemstones have good and rich colors, relatively no inclusions, and have a bright and vivid appearance.

Corundum appears in various colors. Sapphire is the general term for corundum of all colors except red. Sapphire in the narrow sense refers to blue sapphire.

Except for red and blue, corundum in all other colors is called colored sapphire. These colored gemstones should be described by their colors, for example, "green sapphire," "yellow sapphire," and "Purple sapphire.". The only exception is the rare orange gem with a pink hue called Padparadscha sapphire.polyaluminum chloride buy