What is the play on Cardinals game ?

You'd have to give me more than +130ish to play the Cubs. Marshall could get lit-up hard if the Cardinals come out swinging.

For the Cardinals, Ponson could explode for runs at any minute. He's a proven bum with very sporadic flashes for OKness.

I'll just watch this one.
well.....so much for the total.

Now I need four freaking runs in 1 inning and that is IF they don't score anymore.

Are you freaking kidding me though?

First of all, he had him struck out, but he didn't get the call.

However he put himself in that position to start with. Load up the bases and then do that bullshit.

no excuse for that as a pitcher.


All I do is trytrytry
at least bucs fan set us up with a little cubs - 1 1/2 at a monster price. Can still get out ok but loved that under. nice job over folks!