what kind of golf balls do you use?

I just bought a dozen of the new nike "MOJOS" yesterday. You get a special "karma" ball in each dozen. I usually play titleist, but these caught my eye for some reason, I'm willing to give them a shot. I could always use some good karma.
Is anyone planning on checking out the new Lake of Isles course at Foxwoods? It opens this week. 5 levels of tees so even a duffer like me can have a chance on it.
thats funny jimmy, I think everyone has a few of those red striped balls stashed away somewhere.

Reload, it really doesn't matter which tees you use, you do all of your scoring from 100 yds and in. I don't get to play as much as I used to and my short game suffers the most. I still drive it right down the center most time, but piss away so many shots around the green.
I use pro v 1x's most of the time, but in Oklahoma the wind usually blows about 30mph, except for today for instance, when I cannot play.

It's like magic it is...devil magic. EVERY TIME I CAN PLAY...

Played in the men's association last night. We got first OF COURSE.

btw, I started a golf site, but haven't got around to working on gaining any traffic.

Any of you yahoo's wanna sign up it's golfinforums.com

golfin, without the G cause we're too lazy to say the whole word in Oklahoma. That and I couldn't afford the domain name with the G in it :)

Bridgestone makes a great ball. Also the Maxfli Black Max is a good ball. I HATE THE MOJO BALLS. Callaway HX orange is a good ball, but I'm biased to the orange...
i'll check out the site shortbus. I walked in the local golf shop yesterday and could not believe all the differnet types of balls on the market now. They now come in a variety of colors and everything. I've played the maxfli noodle a few times, I liked it alot. My wife actually seen the mojo box and said these are cute, why don't you try these. Now how in hell was I going to turn down a cute box like that.
Titliest Pro V1 Practice balls, they are the exact same ball as the ProV1 but they say the word practice on the side, used for the Pros as range balls for Tour Event, u can get them for 29.99/Dozen comapred to 44.99 for the regular ones.

Reno Paul

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Precept Laddie exteme. Good feel around the greens and can hit them longer. Also like the Titliest NXT. I'm not good enough to shell out that kind of money to get the Pro V-1's.
Pinnacle isn't a horrible ball if you are a high handicapper.

Those cheap rocks are usually hard enough that they help reduce your slice a little.

I play with nxt tours when I don't have the cash for Pro V's or the like.

And I always keep a few Pinnacle's in the bag for water holes and tight par fives and such :).


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Here in Costa Rica the choice is kinda limited. We are a recently developing golf country with about a dozen golf courses in the country and not a single golf store. But our caddies spend their free time between our bad shots finding lost balls and sell them back really cheap! Like 20 balls for $10. The consensus choice is definitely Pro V-1 as the caddies ask up to double for those. Still a good deal! When friends come down we get to see actual NEW balls.:cheers


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Thanks Tony! Just learned of you guys last week because of Bucsfan. Met Ken and the General at the gaming expo here. Devil- We know our bad golfers here because they need to get their ball retrievers regripped!:eek:
Sandbagger...Never thought about getting my ball retriever regripped....but it can sure use one.....I keep it in the bag right next to the axe.....
Pro V 1s lowered my score on average over 1 point.

The soft feal around the green is important but you can hit this ball a fucking mile with some nice taylor made burner clubs.


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this is no lie either......whatever ball i hit in the woods............for every 1 ball i hit in the woods i usually find 3.....so i take a drop and use 1 of those 3.....lol......not that good of a golfer to worry bout that:+wink-2+
I use seeing eye balls. Orange ones see the water hazards and pretend to be submarines. Yellow ones find the rough, they are lawnmowers. White ones look for out of bounds areas. I had some pink ones, but other golfers started looking at my balls. Not the seeing eyes ones.

Best Wishes...OF :+waving-5