What kind of Interest do we have in NHL around here?

Hey hey! Look at that! Hockey section!:+excited-

I will definitely participate in this section. I was told when I came in that guys like BP, Omni and a few others enjoy capping the NHL. Will surely share with them and read their posts.

Don't know about contests though. I'm one of those 'scared' ones who don't have much time and keep forgetting about contests. But it's always fun, if only to bug each other or start arguments.


P.S.: Just a reminder, General, if you put up a contest that Bodog, unfortunately, does not accept canadian wagers.

Bettor days

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Not that big ahockey fan but im a big fan on betting on hockey...looking to learn some this season, catch a few panthers games. We s.floridians arent to familiars with the ice hockey ..uknow. plus contests are great.