Whatever happened to..


The opening odds start here
MNF opening night doubleheaders? Not only that, is it too much for abc to air something alternately new especially when ESPN automatically airs the games?

Tv. 'Taint like it used to be.


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Also what ever happened to Winkyduck?

Also what ever happened to Bobby the Owl?
He was a good CFB capper.
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Also what ever happened to Winkyduck?

Winkyduck started a soccer only thread and demanded MAGA posters not participate. He got his wish but still left the forum because the MAGA posters he is pretend ignoring - like me - still triggered him.

Or cancer got reinstated.

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Kinky, if you come back I promise to never post in any of your threads again other than the Kinky Challenge until October when I lift the tophy.