What's Bookmaker.eu up to?


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Been looking at Bookmaker/CRIS Live Betting lines for basketball.

I see 3, 4 or whatever (all) NBA in-progress available, ok so far. Then I see just one CBB (sometimes 2 or 3), followed by 3 to 4 foreign games that I don't even recognize. OK.

Next I see what looks like 4 college women's games (designated with (W)), many with obscure teams I didn't even know existed.

Why in the world do they offer the crap games and ignore up to 10 mens' CBB games that could be offered?

This has been happening regularly over the past 3 weeks or so.
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They are outsourcing their live lines to i think bet365 or some other european outfit, they had some naia in games back in early nov, also middles available between halftime lines and live lines


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Tonight is a good example, only three 4:00PM PT games are listed (it was two, Prov/Marq was just added) for live betting when 16 games are tipping off. Seems if 4 Womens games are typically listed, there should be quite a few more Men's.
It's obvious they are not comfortable with #'s. The question is why.....Guess is there is far to much variance in CBB.....whereas, women's likely has fewer games at reduced limits.


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Yeah, I can see not offering the 6 MAC games or Rider/Quinnipiac but not the Florida, Missouri, Temple, Penn State or Virginia games seems funny when there are 10 tennis matches listed (only 2 about to start, 8 in-progress).


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It's an outsourced product (plug and play) like Rail said. We can get away with offering that when sharps like you arent taking advantage of the shit product however If we offer that same product in NCAA mens hoops we will get out heads taken off because the product sucks so we only do the big tv games and do them by hand. I know it looks stupid but it is what it is. If it were my call I wouldnt offer the BS shit like ncaa womens hoops live but those decisions are outside of my paygrade.


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Is it possible they just balance the sheet with in game then close it down.
Nope. Live complete ignores pregame position at Bookmaker. Not saying we don't know who is on what side pregame to help shape our numbers but we don't take pregame position into consideration when dealing the games live, We barely take our live positions into consideration. We always just try to put the perfect number up every timeout. Obviously an impossible mission but that's the goal.
Thanks for the clarifications. it did seem like a bizarre strategy. Almost like someone didn't get a memo to put up more men's and not women's.

I do enjoy Bookmaker's live betting, I think its better than WillHill's product when the two have the same game.
If their is a live stream on it they take it, i enjoy it and its solid, although ive thought inwas betting men on women a couple times. Early in season they had a naia game vs a d1 thay wss 40 pts off
Also sometimes you go to place a bet and the number has been gone or is frozen and a different number pops up. It happened before but even more so it seems lately.


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I think bookmaker.eu is working and maybe betcris.com. We are hoping to have all the other skins running soon but if not we will try to have an alternate website that you can access.

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A bad weekend for the house to experience technical difficulties.

Of course, a good weekend to attack if you're looking to disrupt a bookmaker's business.