While reading Casino Player I read this BIKINI RIPOFF?

A reader wrote in:

On a trip to Las Vegas for March Madness, I found a blackjack pit at The Rio where the dealers wore bikini's. I bought in for a thousand and was up $600 when i got my first blackjack. I had a hundred dollar bet and the dealer gave me a hundred back. When I questioned her, she said it was because she was wearing a bikini. I don't care if she was wearing nothing--- it's not worth even money for blackjack. Can this go on for long, and is it legal?

The single-deck game at The Rio: This is the worst blackjack game currently being dealt anywhere in the world, and likely the worst in the history of gambling. Not only do blackjacks pay even money, but players are permitted to double down only on two-card totals of 10 or 11. The house's edge in this game is a staggering 2.77 percent. On the bright side, this game is dealt by attractive women wearing bikinis. Really

I don't know how prominantly these rules are posted, but stay clear and THUMBS down to the RIO for the even money idea, and thumps up to the RIO for the Bikini idea. There are plenty of attractive dealers out there without bikinis on also BTW.
This blackjack game is indeed there, and it does indeed have a house edge of 2.77%. The house edge is about 9 times higher than the good games on the Strip. Anyone who plays this game doesn't stand a chance.