White House asked if Trump could be added to Mount Rushmore....

I was out there a month ago, saw the crazy horse monument, they've been working on it for 70 years and haven't got very far. At the rate they're going it'll be another 100 yrs. I wouldn't hold your breath.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
James Mattis
John Kelly
Rex Tillerson
Jeff Sessions
John Bolton
Steve Bannon
Anthony Scaramucci

What do these guys have in common?
With the exception of Kelly: NO regard for the Constitution

Also all people hired by someone who "Only hires the best people"

Until he fires them a few days later and calls them incompetent and someone he barely knew and only hired to do them a favor
So true.....JK said all speech is tolerated here except hate speech. RB’s racist, bigoted hateful rhetoric has driven away excellent contributors like Dink while RB has received a free pass every turn.
Railbird 3/4 dead, won't last the fukkin winter, he got a few months left to pretend his bullshit means something.

who give a fukk let the wheezebag be.