Who are all the EOG leftists voting for in the Democratic primary?

Correct. Smartest thing you have ever said. Blacks are baptist and dont go for that lame gay marraige. Thats why it didnt pass in calif in 2010
Buttboy is picking up some votes from the ones who dropped out, he's likely also picking up warren people as she has fallen.

What's also happening is that the media is overrecting to polls in a couple early states that are not at all like the rest of national democratic party. Buttigiege is more popular in iowa and NH for obvious reasons,(few minorities, more moderate dems). it's going to be really hard for the democratic party to ever rally around whomever comes out on top, 70% dont want biden, 1/2 dont want a socailist. buttigeiege has the gay thing with blacks.

And then you have Hillary, who is almost certain to jump in and really fuck things up, she could easily poll ahead of all the rest, but 1/2 of dems cant stand her anymore than the rest of america.

Trump will be unbeatable.
My pea brain was occupied throughout that portion of the pregame with the question of whether spike stiletto heels were a wise choice for walking on artificial turf. But she pulled it off without a hitch or even a wobble.
Yeah, I was more concerned with whether the First Lady was going to fall and bust her behind on national TV as opposed to whether it was a fashion statement.

She does tend to have nice shoes, though.
rail is EOG political odds maker when he picked trump. I told my doctor I message someone on the internet and told him rail likes trump to win .. vs hillary... doctor looked at me like I had 3 heads.
Bernie will win Iowa. he lost by a whisker in 2016, i think he gets the same voters he did in 16, but hillarys get split up between biden butepig