Who has the best EOG team?

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ahh man I hope you atleast partly jokin.

We still good with that 10 years later(Thank god)

Does she atleast bring some dough to the table2348ji23e

its actually not that bad, it was kinda dead when i was working 2 jobs, mainly because i was always in a bad mood, but since thats over its good again...she makes decent $ i cant complain...
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my suggestion for trade dealines, instead of setting exact dates.. once your team is eliminated from playoff contention u are no longer allowed to trade anymore


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Gimme $100 and I will trade you all the players you want on my team just don't tell TTP.

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fuck, didnt want this decision

Banged up Turner starting for Falcons, and i have Scott starting for Bengals with very little competition for the carries.

I know that Turner will only get 10-15 carries, if he gets more fuck me
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this shit never ends.. i lose ben passing to 2 of my wr's in a pass happy system lately to a qb who has 1 pass completetion in his career and now warner goes down today and wont start so boldin can lay a goose egg with leinart throwing over his head all game

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Slaton with 5.7 ypc. HOU stopped running the ball in the 2H.

Half your team is hurt. You can't expect to win starting bums like Lynch.

how many of those catches were on the final drive? u had single digits for every offensive starter outside of forsett and mccoy was sitting with like 10 with 2 to go in the houston game..

my whole team is fucked by injuries, but u gained some garbage ass points to put this possibly out of reach.. garbage points
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Slaton only caught 2 balls on the last drive. He didn't get a single carry all 4th quarter.

I'll say that any time you get 27 from a defensive guy it's luck.