Who Wants To Coach The Celtics?


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No way he's back. They'll be a buyout.

He'll coach at some small college and work his way up again.

But head coach in NBA, done. Assistant maybe.


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I get company policy, but if it's consensual and they're both single, what's the problem?

Belichick was banging a married woman who worked in the front office. Nothing happened to him. They covered it up.

Black guy in Boston, done.

this stuff started probably in the military. The officers cannot go with enlisted either. Just imagine if everyone started to bang the cheerleaders & in house workers. There would be pee pee's & other words on the shithouse walls. Fights break out . Chemistry is a must to do well ...That is why the policy is there. Enforcing is another matter


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loved it when bob knight was in that snug red sweater and would grab his kids by the shirt and scream at them, that was real basketball.

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Just looked up Neil Reed, one of Bob Knight's players/victims.

Reed died in 2012 at the age of 36 following a massive heart attack.

Bob Knight, age 81, is still alive.

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It's really interesting, the government and private offices I worked, the black guys were always
the players, I have some great stories including wives coming to the office and confronting
the other woman.

As soon as they start climbing the status latter they turn into Hugh Hefner.

Remember hate the game not the player.....peace, out.

P.S. Still love Matt Barnes for punching out Derek Fisher (another player) at his ex's place.


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dink, meatman, larry ness, dave malinsky, all jewsish touts that died recently. what was the other guy? bill lee or something

That would be scamdicapper Mike Lee. He croaked back in 2004. To keep the scam going, they re-named their service "Friends of Mike Lee". Can't make this shit up!