Why you Should switch to FOX!!!


EOG Master

I've mentioned many times that I generally watch CNN in the mornings while I'm preparing for my program. Fox News Channel is definitely my first choice throughout the rest of the day, but that morning coffee-klatch "Fox & Friends" bit is just too much for me to stomach. Until now.
My first 30 minutes of watching the morning news is generally spent in the workout room. That would be the first 30 Minutes of CNN's "Daybreak" with Carol Costello. During that first thirty minutes of CNN watching this morning I saw the following:
1. They ran a story saying that House Republicans had "abandoned" its plans to push for drilling in ANWR. During that report CNN showed video of Alaska that most definitely was NOT taped in Section 1002 of ANWR. Snow-capped mountains, rolling grasslands with rushing streams .. this is not ANWR Section 1002. They even ran video of tourists enjoying a white-water rafting trip. This is not ANWR Section 1002 ... so why did CNN run these videos? Simple .. because they know that only a very small percentage of Americans realize that the portion of ANWR which has been specifically set aside for oil exploration, known as Section 1002, is not what you would call picturesque. In the winter it resembles a frozen-over Wal-Mart parking lot. Capitalizing on this ignorance CNN tries to put forth the image that exploration in Section 1002 would ravage beautiful countryside and interrupt tourist rafting trips.
2. Then CNN runs a story from Paris. Almost 485 cars were torched last night in the City of Lights. The CNN reporter told us that the violence was being caused by "disadvantaged youth who have been rioting." Not one single time in the entire report did CNN mention that these rioters were Muslim. Why? Well, maybe it's just political correctness. Then again, maybe their goal is to soften any language that might alert Americans to the fact that the Islamic radicals are still out there, and that they are, in fact, making some rather astounding headway in their efforts to bring the Western world to its knees under Islamic culture and law.
3. Plus, we have the continuing CNN coverage of what they would most certainly like us to believe is a huge scandal over oil company profits. Again, not once did any CNN expert or reporter make any mention of oil company profit margins or price-to-earnings ratios. Instead, they just made references to "windfall" profits. In addition, their entire coverage during that first report centered on what the oil company executives were making. Nothing about supply and demand. Not one segment that could be construed as informational as to how the free enterprise system works. Just "windfall" profits and evil oil executives making tons of money (but still less than Oprah makes).
So ... as soon as I got off the ellipse machine and took my shower, I walked into my office and put on Fox & Friends. I'm going to give them a try for a few days. Giggly sometimes? Perhaps so. But maybe they won't make the leftist agenda quite so obvious.