Will Kyler Murray choose baseball over football?


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I thought mlb was a no brainer however Kingsbury said last year if he had a choice he would take Murray No. 1. Now he's coach
with numero uno. Lets see what he does. I'm sure he wants to try his spread offense in the NFL and Rosen is not the guy.

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The recent wussifIcation of pro football allows Murray's style a better chance in the NFL than 10-15 years ago when it was open season on quarterbacks.


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#1 overall draft pick and millions of dollars or several years of A ball and shit money

lol at anyone thinking he is going to play baseball


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The recent wussifIcation of pro football allows Murray's style a better chance in the NFL than 10-15 years ago when it was open season on quarterbacks.
Very true however I think you were right on weeks ago Murray is closer to 5' 8" than his listed 5' 11". Could be a problem.
Murray has been flying on chartered jets-staying in 5 star hotels and had a gourmet chef cooking his meals in college

Now he's looking at 3-4 years of riding buses-staying in shit hole hotels-non existent food spread in the minors.

I think baseball might be best long term but I doubt he's ready for the culture shock in lifestyle to be a minor leaguer.
If he’s projected to be a first round pick, which I hear is the case, I believe that’s at least 10 million guaranteed in the NFL.

Vs the 5 million for baseball?

If he loves football more than baseball, then it’s a no brainer for him.
Is it possible he would be Billy Hamilton 2.0? I think there is a reasonable chance of that
If you believe in scouting reports (and I do believe in quite a few of the national analysts) Murray is nothing like Hamilton as far as tools. Hamilton has great speed and a great glove and that's where his tools end. BH has 20 grade power and a very weak hit tool. Murray has not only amazing speed but a rocket arm to take with his CF range. What separates Murray as a prospect is he has very good raw power. Murray is considered to be a legitimate 5 tool player.
He'd be foolish to not try the NFL if he's a first round choice. If he's the 2nd QB drafted, and in the top 10, that's gonna be close to 20 million guaranteed. I think he's got a good shot to be Flutie Part deux, and in today's NFL, that can be pretty successful. If the A's allow it, it would be cool to let him try both, but NFL should be the priority.
The A's would be insane to offer him 15 Million. He's a minimum of 3 years away from MLB, IF he even proves ne can play MLB. For a Moneyball team that is generally smart with their $$$, this would be incredibly dumb.
5' 8"? No way is he going to have much of an NFL career, and that's IF he can stay healthy.

For every Brees there is a 1000 others that size who couldn't make it...... and Brees is a few inches taller.

Just being able to see over the OL/DL is going to be next to impossible for this kid.

I hope my team doesn't invest in this kid, his future is the MLB if he has one in sports.
Does anyone remember Redskins qb Jay Schroeder? He was the 3rd pick overall in the mlb '79 draft. Can't miss catching
prospect and playing a position you move up fast. Lasted 4 years with a minor league average .213. NFL next stop. The
moral of the story.....you need a lot of luck in mlb. Where you play is also a factor. I'd take the money and run from NFL.
He can always try mlb later.
Here's some Intel on who might draft Murray. Coughlin was Flutie's QB Coach at BC. Jax has the #7 pick in this draft and needs a QB. I currently see them as +350 to draft him at BetOnline, 2nd choice behind Oakland at +325