Wise Guys Are Pounding...

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
It was refreshing to see the fans in shelters across the country having that win give them some joy & smiles for a few hours at least. One day at a time.
Horseshoe said:
Wiseguys may eat this one, as Baton Rouge's Tiger Stadium, with 92.5K lit up La folks will be a huge NFL homefield advantage.
Will they play their games all at night? A few extra hours of cocktailing?
Horseshoe said:
If the games go at 1 EST, those folks will never have sobered up from the LSU games the night before.
I wonder if they will still sell Hurricanes? I love 'em in go-cups ! What a great place! I hope they rebuild just like before !
jjgold said:
Bet against wise guys and your a huge winner most of the time
JJ, steam is tough to beat, I made 3 plays Saturday, I had Middle Tenn -3 it closed 7 and 7.5 North Texas beat them by 7, my other two plays cake walked in, I had Wyoming -18.5 the game closed 21 and 21.5 and I had SMU +16 the game closed 13, JJ, how many times am I going to lose that play on Middle Tenn in a long run, COACH, you cant beat that kind of steam booking it in a long run.