Worst Bama D in how long?


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for sure since I have been following. They give up plays, big plays, kiss assignments, don't tackle well. Never seen them play like this and its been the case all early season

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Mike Price landed in El Paso after getting dumped by Alabama.

His UTEP teams were mostly awful.

Price's teams went 30-49 in CUSA games.

John Kelly

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About Saturday's game against Georgia, Nick Saban and staff made some key halftime adjustments to hold the Bulldogs scoreless over the game's final 30 minutes.

It helped that UGA quarterback Stetson Bennett stands only 5-11.

Aaron Murray was 6-1 and Jake Fromm was 6-2.


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Can't we just cancel the rest of the season and have Bama play Clemson next week for the championship