wtf is wrong with that sbr forum

i looked over there today to look at the nfl lines and looked at some threads and alll i see is some guy wanting to kill himself, another thread had people vomiting in eachothers mouths, talking about points, and parnoid people talking about ghost accounts.I now feel Eog is the top Sports Gambling site possibly even more so than COVERS.Also John Kelley have you ever met the owner of COVERS


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Re: wtf is wrong with that sbr forum

Vomiting thread was one I started. I had some good points fortune and wanted to give some away. Someone took it too far with a picture. That was disgusting.

However, I do agree that EOG is FAR superior to every other forum out there. I used to be a big fan of Betting Talk but it's just not active enough. SBR is too active, just threads started every 3 seconds.


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Re: wtf is wrong with that sbr forum

It's a shame that sports forums have so much BS in them. SBR everyone is immature and here everyone is bitter and hateful. Only good thing about SBR is you can pretty much stay out of the BS if you want. Here it perminates almost every thread.

People say you have to have that stuff to draw views if that's true it's just sad. Joey's probably right in that I don't "get" the forums. If that's what is it I don't want to.