XFL's unqualified women refs


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I remember several years ago Violet Palmer was officiating a Celtics game, Celtics radio analyst Cornbread Maxwell disagreed with one of her calls and said on air that she should go back the kitchen and make him some eggs, I thought it was pretty funny, the NBA did not, and he issued an apology

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The rules in 2020:

You can't joke about a black woman, but it's open season on a white man with orange hair.

About Maxwell's comments in 2007: He commanded Violet Palmer to go back to the kitchen and make him some bacon and eggs.

Like KANE, I chuckled initially but I know that it's wrong.

John Kelly

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Women in sports say the darndest things.

Carolyn Swords was a back-up center last season for the Las Vegas Aces.

When asked about an upcoming game with the struggling New York Liberty, Swords said, "They're a great team with a lot of great players."

At the time, New York was playing without injured Tina Charles, the team's only All-Star, and their record was 7-21.

A great team with great players does not lose 21 of 28 games.