1st Annual EOG/SportsOptions $250 NFL/NCAAF Postup Contest


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1st Annual EOG/SportsOptions $250 Postup Contest

It will be hosted on www.officefootballpool.com : All selections will be submitted there
You will need to create an account at www.officefootballpool.com

Entry Fee:

  • The entry fee is two hundred fifty dollars ($250)
  • Maximum two (2) entries allowed per person
  • Deadline for entry Friday, September 9th 2011 @ 7:00pm Est
  • Payment options: Paypal or mailed money order to Tuckman (if mailed allow time to be recieved before deadline)
  • Contest will payout 100% of entry fee's. Actual cash prizes will be dependent on total number of entries
  • Once money is recieved, you will be emailed an invitation into the Private Contest

  • 7 Plays a week total: NFL/NCAAF allowed
  • Any type of mix 4 NFL/3 NCAAF or 6 NFL/1 NCAAF or 5 NCAAF/2 NFL
  • Full Game Spreads and Totals only
  • Plays must be submitted by 8:30am Pacific/11:30am EST Saturday - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • The contest will consist of 17 weeks from Week 1 NFL thru Week 17 NFL
  • The total number of wins accumulated on all selected games during the contest will determine the contest winners. Each winning selection will be credited as one win
  • All point spreads are half points
Prize breakdown:

  • 1-29 Entries: Top 3 places (60%/30%/10%)
  • 30+ Entries: Top 4 places (50%/25%/15%/10%)
  • Best record over the last four (4) weeks will win a 3 month subscription to SportsOptions ($900 Value)
Additional Prizes:

  • Leader after the 8 week will recieve a 3 month subscription to SportsOptions
  • Best record from week 7 thru end of contest will recieve a 3 month subscription to SportsOptions
  • Everyone person who enters this contest will recieve a 2 week free trial of SportsOptions
Everyone who enters this contest will also recieve a $250 credit towards SportsOptions service to be used as you please (If you are a current SportsOptions member this is an absolute free entry into this postup contest, If you have ever considered trying SportsOptions this is deal that cant be refused)