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Contribute and share early or late info on upcoming games to help everyone get updated and choose what they want to do with the info especially with COVID part of the year

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Let's focus on information revealed AFTER the point spread has been released/established.
Ok guys I have a player prop that's definitely +EV 475 Javonte Williams Over 35.5 Rushing Yards -115 DK. I don't know why Gordons total is 15 yards more than Williams I have JWs 12-15 carries for 55 yards. Fangio already said it's going to be a 2 headed monster this year and it's obvious to anyone with eyeballs that JWs is a better back than MG. This one could cash in the 1st half.


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Played Donovan People’s-Jones over 25.5 rec yards. ODB will be limited tomorrow, and People’s-Jones has been getting a bigger role in the Browns offense.


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Sea Wilson's good friend for many years dies of cancer after a long battle, expect the game to be dedicated to him regardless of the outcome