87000 irs agents added

i think they are on the same side. Remember in 1990's - 2006. Money was flying down to CR and other places and w. bush put in the law to stop the easy banking. It was so easy to play with the books & banks back then. Pinny , cris. greek were a dream it was so good. This was IMO was the height of sports betting.
it was absolutely phenomenal. neteller for seamless transax & every book in the world begging you to play, especially pinny. they didn't care about steam or anything else, "just send us your money & you're good", plus super-high limits. pinny was the shit.

not sure it was bush directly, but definitely a couple of republican senators who hijacked it as a rider onto a port security bill.

ah, the glory days.

If You Like the IRS, You’ll Love the Global Minimum Tax​

Janet Yellen urges other countries to impose levies on U.S. companies in violation of the Constitution.​

leftists always think they have you as a captive to milk. if you make the US a shit place to incorporate, we'll go elsewhere, it ain't hard. i still can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would incorporate in NY or CA and pay insane taxes just to get abused again and again by nutbag politicians.