A couple in the Association

Lot of home dogs tonight, 6 last I looked, looks like they might do well tonight.

I'm ridiculously untalented on NBA, since reducing my selections to home dogs I have improved drastically the last few years.

Of course the trick is narrowing it down from there.....

I have a few filters I use but still a work in progress.

Anyway keep it going Kane, close wins/loses tend to even out over time. Keep firing.


I Trade Therefore I Am
11-8-1 I've lost an inordinate amount of close games this year
Bruv, that game shouldn't have been close. You've got a friend in Vogel. At this point, what is going on over there is so fucking insane, it's insane. I'm convinced the man is legally blind. Enough is enough, no one will beat us in 7, we can only beat ourselves w/ the help of Frank.