Any Big Wins?

I just want to say goodluck to everyones game. I've been playing for a few years now and I'm completely hooked, I use to play pan 9 at commerce casino for many years. But NL is by far the best card game I've played.
Have'nt won anything big lately couple years back I played the step trnys at UB and made it to step 10 with nine players 2 cash prizes 1st $12,000 wsop package 2nd $3600 3rd level 10 spot, I placed 4th! I lost with poket KKs on the river against set of 3s yes' he called my all in on the turn w/poket 3s. That was a tough one to let go of, I still have bad dreams Lol no' I'm over it. I felt I could have taken that trny my game was on point until that meeting of the minds.

~Frogtree "Good luck & good cards"


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Re: Any Big Wins?

was in Tampa at the hard rock, couple years ago, 20 players left in $100 multi table, first like 5000, was chip leader with 20 left, Got AA, lost to 10,10, all in preflop, he caught a 10. Very next hand, AA again, was all in againt QQ , guy catchs q on river and Im out, still hurts...........


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Re: Any Big Wins?

ive won a few hundred for winning a live tourney once and about 6k in a single tourny online. I just play for fun now but one day i plan to breakout one way or another
Re: Any Big Wins?

I won a 10K tournament on bookmaker. Lead wire to wire with about 5000 players, my biggest poker win ever. Paid about 3900.
Re: Any Big Wins?

you know what i don't like about the gambling industry, unless we're playing a game of heads or tales, i always lose... BTW love when i get a big win