Ashamed of being Canadian


I thought that outing Mark L (joeC) with his self-proclaimed declarations of being Canadian might alter his presentations, but never could have predicted he would bail out all together.
Re: Ashamed of being Canadian

I saw an email that Joey is comforting the families of the 3 Pirates who
were ordered executed by the Muslim in the White House
Re: Ashamed of being Canadian

When the pirate thing worked out well for Hussein after Joey's incessant predictions otherwise, I postulated that he might disappear. He's been gone for five days.
Re: Ashamed of being Canadian

as soon as Obama wipes his ass with the left hand Joey C will
be screaming about that "all lefties wipe their left hand ..."
Re: Ashamed of being Canadian

Is Contrarian down to one hr per month of "attacking this forum"

I've got a hunch that Munchkin gives him feedback when 4625 and
Dawg don't post here to do his "Tora .. Tora ... Tora" run