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Last week during the eog freeroll I was randomly kicked from my table and my name was taken off the tournament list. I had 10k chips and was in about 5th place with around 15 people left in the game. Either I ended up placing in it or bookmaker comped me a $100 freeplay i couldnt even tell if i was still playing because the software had removed me from the tourny. Thanks to bookmaker and eog! They are really a great book and I have been using them for years!:houra
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i remember you boston and you are a liar, u did not have ten k in chips and you kept annoying everyone and wouldnt leave the tables
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i dont know who you are or anything about you, you had 100.00 chips and lost to an all in and everyone at the table verified it . All kinds of people on forums with name boston or bostonfan


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before 3 or 4 weeks i finished in 12 place and lobby says 12 places paid, it was my first EOG tourney, i didnt knew there is only 10 places paid, and after tour i was waiting 5-6 days and nuthin, then asked lobby host whats up with the prizes and she said "im sorry it was a bug, only 10 get prizes"...and i said...."so what we gonna do now"????is that my problem??? was friday she promise me she mail to sumone and they will compensate me sumhow...and guess what... :) on Monday they transfered me freeplays like a compensation for the bug:houraso BookMaker is really one of my FAV.:yourock: