Baseball discussion thread for 9/14


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What do you do with Luiz Ortiz? Couldn't even get out of the first inning in his only start, ok numbers in the minors but allows too many baserunners.


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I think we're all aware of Chen's road splits, right?

Tomlin 8 ERA out of rotation

Tyler Anderson has struggled with location, posting an 0-5 record with a 10.13 ERA and 46 hits allowed over his past seven starts spanning 29 1/3 innings.


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winkyduck;n7455113 said:
Gigantes to break the lonnnnnnnnng losing streak looks tempting. Think they get to the window, too
Betting a team on long losing streak is like chasing a stock that keeps falling. Why would today be the day of the reversal?

Gabe pointed out Anderson's poor recent form but it also should be pointed out Anderson's last 4 starts were all at Coors, where anyone breathing can bat .300, slug .500 and OPS over .900. One start was especially bad; 10 hitters faced, 7 hits allowed and a walk. AT & T Park has a way of making pitchers in poor form look good, especially at night.


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Gabe;n7455181 said:
yeah true but he's not a good road pitcher either. True about ATT helping pitchers.
It's hard to gauge Colorado pitchers. It took a local kid, Freeland, to understand that to pitch in Coors, you need to throw a high % of fastballs and changeups. They can use a humidor and witchcraft, but breaking pitches still don't break much in mile high altitude.


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winkyduck;n7455146 said:
Nice observation...................They are DONE!
Az will have one more sign of life, when the cubs come to town next week. Cubs don’t play well there. Speaking of the Cubs, they are hard to back as they are finishing up a 30-day stretch between days off thanks to rainouts. There are leaks springing up all over - the latest is Strop out for the remainder of the regular season. I have a hard time backing them when they are not hitting.


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TobyTyler;n7455232 said:
Gabe 20-8 +2.12 UNITS

holy shit lol

-200 plays

Nah I lost an isolated -600 wager... Thats the reason for it. Posted Oakland in baseball the other day, final score 10-0...