2* Philly/Houston Over 7 even

will be against the grain on this one. Both these pitchers when you weed out the noise in their era, their numbers are higher. especilly myers.

Best of luck kids!!!!! 12io4j2w90
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I counted the phils for 5 runs, if I had to bet the side I would have taken the Stros, took them today as the big dog. Either way it was a winner, nice job.


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Speaking of baseball was playing with the 8 yr old today.

Not the most athletic of the four by any means.

Whack him in the head with the ball and go figure kid catches great after that smack

(Do you think we could do that with some of the posters AA? :LMAO)

Seriously though, best of luck :)
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Yesterday...4-1 +8.66

YTD 5-1 +10.66

Great catch to end that Baltimore game...thought i was going to have two nice puppies blow a lead in the same day. So it goes when betting the +160ish teams.

2* Texas +126
2* San Diego +155
2* Colorado -177

have a great sunday!!!
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Yesterday 1-3 -4.2 and i deserve it with the deplorable number i got on the mets phills total. duly noted.

ytd 9-4 +11.6

2* Boston o and four Redsox -1.5 +110
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Yesterday 3-1 +4.44 YTD is 17-12 + 12.06. toronto bullpen when up 7 throw some strikes would ya...thanks. still a good day. i'll come right back with them Jays and lets do some fishing as well.

2* toronto -110
2* florida +162