Best Shooter in the NCAA Tourney?

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Butler and Drake have a bunch of guys that never miss, or so it seems, dont have names handy but the Best Shooter is the kid Foster on Vandy, watch him tomorrow.
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Lofton would be my choice....but I don't see every player like I do the NBA elite shooters.

We don't hear much about great shooters anymore, there seem to be less and less real good long range shooters in college.


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Re: Best Shooter in the NCAA Tourney?

goodcall how have you been man, what happened to your CBB season?
things have been pretty good...I picked up a dream job pretty much by chance, so I'm just getting set up at my new place these days. My CBB season usually ends in December, but my program did unexpectedly well this February so I've been paying a little more attention lately. Played a few tournament props and far it's going well so I guess I'll continue.

Hope your bets are cashing:cheers


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Re: Best Shooter in the NCAA Tourney?

if you saw the wisky/fullerton game today you might toss in

Josh Akognon

those who saw the game know what i mean. he single handedly kept fullerton in the game. the titans scored 56 and he put in 31 by himself and some were bombs from the parking lot
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Re: Best Shooter in the NCAA Tourney?

Foster had a decent game but Curry was lights out. Drake, Butler and Wky had a bunch of guys light it up today


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Re: Best Shooter in the NCAA Tourney?

I think Ego wins in a landslide here. Curry can flat out shoot. I watched him shoot my fucking eyeballs out for 40 minutes yesterday.
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helleva performance by Reynolds today Nova

Not a great shooting day for Curry, but took over in the 2nd half like a superstar does, hitting crucial 3's and knocking down FT's
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Props on that call Ego. Sweet. After that monster performance vs. Gonzaga, including 8-10 from arc? 40. He lights up G Town after dismal start. Think he was 4-15 or something pretty bad. Coach told him to relax and enjoy. He smiled and scored 21 points in the last 9:31 2H, including money time after taking lead he sank 5 out 6 ft's. Nailed a bunch of treys, carried an average team, on his back past the #1 defense in the nation. From a huge deficit. Best of all, he was covered the entire time. He even beat almost their entire team on a sweet scoop. They knew he was getting the ball, and he still scored. Even coach Thompson said, he was covered. Anyone can light up the zags, but this was extra special. The best D in the nation. And only a soph? NBA pedigree? He is almost if not NBA ready now. Big schools missed out on a huge talent here. If he was with Duke, North Carolina he would make them champs. Easily biggest gain with NBA scouts this tourney. Again, very nice call.

Best Wishes...OF :cheers