Betting the horses thread


All I do is trytrytry
gulfstream race 2 $33 WIN #4

small field prob 3-1 should get good trip
#4 Sweet Baby Raelynn

Jockey: Luis Saez Trainer: Jorge Delgado Weight: 122.0

John Kelly

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Race 3

Rolling double

4 and 6 with 2

My two horses dueled one another into defeat.

#6 Jill's A Hot Mess went from 5/1 to 2/1 in the final odds flash.

Looked like a $20,000 wager.

I saw a pair of $40,000 wagers last weekend at Aqueduct and Santa Anita.

One won and one lost.

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What say you, try?

I don't have a problem with someone using my name in an idiotic thread title. If it help them to deal with their angst and make them feel like they somebody for a half a minute, I'm all for it.

When said thread slides down the page like a wet shit on a wall, with little or no play, they right back where they began. Talking to themself.

And whatever those two idiots wanna discuss ain't my concern.


All I do is trytrytry
gulfstream race 6

$33 win
#5 Growl Tiger
Jockey: Luis Saez Trainer: Arnaud Delacour Weight: 118.0