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I read and worship. I lamented your hiatus. Your in my top 5 (wont hurt any feelings by saying where). If I wasnt a retard that loved to cap his own games Id follow you blindly. Hell I may even bite the bullet and lay the road chalk on KC because of you.

Laying it on thick because its deserved. Good luck tomorrow Big O.
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2-2 -75 earlier today, Adding a late game degenerate play for action only as I don't see an edge on either side:

St L 505/500
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Sorry for getting them in just under the wire, had a hell of a day and couldn't get on here.

Det 570/500
Pitt 500/600

Big leans on TB and Cubs, but I'm going to pass on them tonight.
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2-1 +500 Brutal loss on the Mutts tonight

72-51 +12,700 YTD

Friday Plays:

Minn 675/500
LAD 540/500
Sea 660/500
Fla 500/680
Pitt 500/800
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Im on Minny big. I also have strong leans on your last three. Pitt and Fla are very tempting live dogs in my opinion. Had to make some cuts on my card though. As you can see, Im already out there a bit. Maybe Ill tail these with small action. Will sleep on it and check the lines tomorrow.
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2-3 -540 Lucky on Sea and unlucky on the Dodgers

74-54 +12,160 YTD

Saturday Plays (Big Card for me today) You might want to tread lightly on following this many plays:

Col 790/500
Cubs 790/500
Atl 500/795
LAD 500/760
SF 735/500
Fla 515/500
Cin -1.5 500/690
SF -1.5 500/715
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Thanks guys. Long day at work. Haven't played anything yet. Going to take a look at the late ones now.

2-1 +460

86-58 +16,600 YTD