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The best way I have ever heard to accumulate Bitcoins

We are a team of professionals who have put together a system where the avg person can accumulate bitcoin.

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Re: Bitcoin funding team

Bitcoin Funding Team has given a single dad like me a chance to build a portfolio of bitcoin without needing much money Up Front! This is changing my family's life!"

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Re: Bitcoin funding team

This program is exploding I repeat what I said in my first post

Today marks the beginning of week 13 of the BFT Platform. The first 12 weeks/84 days wrapped up last night with over 13,000 people and organizations from around the World. We hope that each and everyone of you realize how far we have come in just 12 short weeks.

A 2x5 matrix versus a 2x6 or even a 2x8 which means thousands of more people, .10 bitcoin versus thousands of dollars, crowdfunding versus network marketing, peer to peer donations versus a company taking all the money are just a few examples of why BFT is such a great Platform.

We have an addition to this weeks call schedule. Pass the word and promote to everyone this week Tuesday May 9th at 9pm Central time we will be conducting a Platform wide training call. We have a great call planned. As well we have 2 introductory calls. Here are the details and call in numbers for all 3 calls.
Monday/Tonight and Thursday at 10PM Eastern, 9PM Central, 8PM Mountain, 7PM Pacific, Dial Call In Number 641-715-3570 Pin 143466#.

Thank You
BFT Leadership


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Re: Bitcoin funding team

Why risk buying 5 coins for 10k, when you can risk .10, and get leverage and earn 5 coins or more donated to you, monthly ?
You must open a free blockchain or coinbase acct to play

Who Can Use Bitcoin Funding Team?

TEAM ALL BITCOIN is for anyone wanting a little more from life.

This unique Pay-It-Forward crowdfunding platform is ideal to gather donations for the causes and organizations that are most important to you. Don’t forget abou