Bookmaker freeplay win

Re: Bookmaker freeplay win

last year i won a $20 freeplay from a freeplay trny. picked 7 teams bet all 20$ and hit the parlay 7. paid $976 and some change. cant lose em all. 12io4j2w90


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Re: Bookmaker freeplay win

Before couple of months i wont $20 freeplay from EOG FR but didnt hit nuthin serious :)
lost them on over/under 2.5 golas!
2nd time was too close i missed jus 1 match of 5 or 6 :(


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Re: Bookmaker freeplay win

most of my big freeplay chances have never hit.. but i have hedged some things on last leg of course :D
Re: Bookmaker freeplay win

got a straight flush.. WOoooHOoo... nah i'm lying, but i saw a guy get 4 of a kind recently and beat out a guy who got a natural full house


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Re: Bookmaker freeplay win

I won a 300 dollar freeplay and gave it away very rapidly. 2938u4ji23 You have got to be patient and wait for good picks. It helps to be lucky too2348ji23e