Borderless black jack cards can spotted

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Has anyone found any casinos with borderless cards yet? In the long run, these can never be cut quite square by the machine. If you then play in a game where you can handle your cards, you can fidget with them like everyone does but leave the closest thing to the pointy end all to one end with the tens being the point.

Just do not do things like hit hard 18s when you know the dealer has a 20. Just play your game. Not splitting 8s against a higher hand is not so bad. I have not seen these cards since I heard of it about a year ago.
Re: Borderless black jack cards can spotted

I'm not sure I understand what u mean by borderless? If this is a dumb question plz understand I'm not trying to be a wiseguy.

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Re: Borderless black jack cards can spotted

The decks I am thinking of have all little white diamonds on a blue background. Any color will work. If there is a white border around the edges, they are simply blank.

However, if the decks have no border, the diamonds run out to the edge. Then the machine at the card making factory could cut the deck a little bit off center with some wear on its cutting edge. This can leave the cards with an edge with flatter diamonds and more pointy diamonds. Hitting a soft 18 vs a 20 is standard.

Does this make it more clear?

Since a player did not mark the cards, it should not be unlawful to notice when a ten is coming as you place all the points on one end of the deck.

prolly no color on edge dunno

If the edge has no pattern, this does not work.