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He's a little guy.

Listed 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds.

Still not charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito.

Where is he?

Probably didn't get enough evidence to tie him to it at the crime scene. They need to bring him in and hope he incriminates himself somehow. He probably is way off the grid now, but impossible to stay free forever these days, he'll be brought in at some point. They will file charges once they feel confident they can capture him, makes them look bad if they sit on the books for a long time with no clue where he is.

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I doubt he's dead, lots of strange things happened in the last week or 2 before he disappeared - such as buying a new cell phone, his parents taking him camping/modifying the camper, those were preparations for living, not dying.

He's prob hiding in the woods somewhere.

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This kind of guy who thinks he can beat the system isn't the type to kill himself. Only if the cops are about to capture him does suicide become a risk, before that he's probably feeling on top of the world getting away with it so far.

I agree.

And I assume men who hit women rarely kill themselves.

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I think he is EOG poster ouch.

Comes in when things are bad, w/bad intentions.

Aim is to look for strangulation.

More I consider it.

Think ouch is 100% that little guy.

FYI: The FBI has not yet contacted EOG for OUCH's posting habits.


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Masks and hats but its amazing he's still out there just moving around when the entire state of Florida and good portion of America is looking for him. He really does come off as somebody who would park his car near a reserve to throw investigators off but apparently its worked so far.

Its about controlling your emotions. When you're able to control your emotions you ultimately make better choices and decisions. Unfortunately this tragedy isn't too uncommon.


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Chris Dorner and Andrew Cunnaana were both within 500 yards of where they were seen last when the manhunt was underway. dont be surprised if he is in his hometown, in a tree house.
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So apparently someone at the lodge tipped off the Feds. The guy and his gf handcuffed at gunpoint. For their trouble (which the lodge caused), the lodge will give them one free night stay!! Gee thanks. I wonder how long it took the guy to call an attorney.