Cherokee casino worst comps in the industry


EOG Addicted
Just got back from Cherokee after playing BJ for 16 hrs straight. Cherokee is managed by Harrah which usually have the worst craps and Bj rules. The comps are are the most stingiest I have ever seen. BJ rules are decent except for dealer hitting soft 17. I must have lost 300-400 when the dealer had soft 17 and hit it to make 20 or 21. They use 6 decks with $15 and $25 min on the floor. The BJ players are the worst I ever seen. People were doubling hard 16, splitting pairs vs a 10, hitting stiff hands vs dealer 2-6 and staying on 11. Only thing good about new casino they make a lot mistakes. I saw a dealer pay out 200 for side $5 poker side bet which pay out 20-1 and had it verified by pit boss and they didn`t catch it. I did managed to win $250 and could have won more but was scare to press because of these idiots on the table.