Chris Matthews stumps Obama point man

Re: Chris Matthews stumps Obama point man

When will that lobbyist who works for the Chinese and Arabs-and who runs McNUTS" campaign, Charlie Black, even appear on HardBall??? RD-you're reaching for thin air here!!
Re: Chris Matthews stumps Obama point man

Not really. Obama has accomplished nothing of any political
substance. He practically had a good public servant kicked off
the ballot in Chicago so he could get elected to the state house.
He uses every political trick and ploy ever played. A MAN OF CHANGE
Give me a break.
And I have nothing against lobbyist. Until they outlaw the profession
I see no less evil than than the 1000's of people employed by lobbyist
that have donated to Obama under the "wink wink" we get around the
system this way tactic. The ignorant populas may buy it, the educated
know better.
Just as Charles Manson is allowed representation, just as those in
Gitmo are allowed access to our courts now I ask......
Why do people make a big deal of a man lobbying for China and Arab states?
Clinton seems pretty well connected to those parties also.
It is just the way of the world.
Re: Chris Matthews stumps Obama point man

Sure he has -- Obama sponsored Senate bill 2433 which calls for the U.S. Taxpayer to feed the poor in Africa !!!!