Computer Rated Dog Plays


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Miss St (+2.90)
Auburn (+1.20)
Va Tech (+1.50)
Wake (+1.75)
Irish (+2.65)
Air Force (+3.00)
Tex AM (+1.30)
Vols (+2.60)
MTSU (+1.90)
Florida Atlantic (+2.20)

Borrowed this info from a friend. Not much time to do my own work these days.

Notice the dogs get alot of attention in here... Just thought id share a few plays.

I know he has a pretty complicated formula for this...

Baseball friday night he has...

Redsox (+1.40)
Fish (+1.10)
Twins (+1.15)
Mets -1.5 (+1.20)

good luck on saturday guys, seems like a nice day to kick back and watch football.



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Re: Computer Rated Dog Plays

I do know alot of his stuff comes from Power Ratings, i think about half of it... home field also a part of it.... Value is included but not for a large part, the team must have a chance to win SU.

good luck Junk..



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Re: Computer Rated Dog Plays

looks like he went (3-1)(+2.70 units) on friday baseball..

im not going to bother getting any baseball today, he has 10 ML college football dogs listed here..

good luck today..