'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...


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Yeas & Nays: Friday, Mar. 16
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Mar 16, 2007 3:00 AM (17 hrs ago)
by Jeff Dufour and Patrick Gavin , The Examiner

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?Conspiracy? comes back for Clintons

If it?s campaign season, that means one thing: Let the mudslinging begin.
The latest book by American Spectator founder and Editor in Chief R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., ?The Clinton Crack-Up,? hits book shelves next week, and our sneak peek into the tome suggests it?s certain to cause a stir.
Tyrrell, you?ll recall, is no fan of the Clintons. His last book, ?Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House,? compared Sen. Hillary Clinton?s time in the White House to that of a pre-revolutionary French monarch. And his American Spectator magazine cried ?Scandal!? throughout the Clinton administration.
With his new tome, Tyrrell picks up right where he left off.
Tyrrell claims that Bill Clinton has continued to womanize since he left office in 2001.
?During Clinton?s retirement there have been other ladies, though most, according to my sources, have been one-night stands with hostesses on Clinton?s speaking tours,? Tyrrell writes. ?Some of these girl-hops, sources report, took place in Ireland, France, Australia, Taiwan, Rio, and London.? Tyrrell also claims Bill took to jet-setting in order to offset depression and a difficult domestic living situation with Hillary. (?The tirades and flying objects directed by her at Bill?s defenseless skull are not fictions invented by Clinton-haters. ... There would be more spousal abuse during Clinton?s retirement when his amours threatened Hillary?s political longevity.?)
?The Clinton Crack-Up? takes the 42nd president to task for his pardons, his financial ties to China and the United Arab Emirates and his poor track record helping Democratic candidates win elections: ?[T]he Clintons have never been particularly good for the Democratic Party.?
Sen. Clinton is certainly anticipating stories such as those detailed in Tyrrell?s book as she continues her quest for the White House. On Tuesday, Clinton reiterated her famous ?vast right-wing conspiracy? charge, first leveled in 1998 in response to the initial allegations of her husband?s relationship with Monica Lewinsky. And New Hampshire Democratic Party chairwoman Kathy Sullivan seconded the notion.
?People think we?re paranoid when we talk about the vast, right-wing conspiracy, but there is a real connection of these groups ? the same names keep popping up,? Sullivan said recently. ?They are the most disgusting group of political thugs that I have ever seen.?
A spokesman for Clinton did not respond to a request for comment.
Breyer?s bro serves as booker

It?s not easy finding openings in Justice Stephen Breyer?s busy schedule, so if you want to get his attention, you?d better talk to his brother.
When National Public Radio?s weekly quiz show, ?Wait Wait ... Don?t Tell Me!? recently recorded two shows in Berkeley, Calif., booker Mike Danforth reached out to prominent San Franciscan Sydney Goldstein to help secure guests. Goldstein is married to Justice Breyer?s younger brother, Charles, who is a federal judge in the Bay Area.
When the show?s people met ?Chuck? in San Francisco, he shot right up: ?So would you like my brother to be on the show??
Yada, yada, yada, phone calls were made and the next thing you know, the show had nailed down a Supreme Court justice to be on their quiz program. ?Wait Wait? will record the show next Thursday and it airs nationally next weekend.
So how will Breyer do on a show that tests both brains and buffoonery?
?It all depends on their sense of humor,? host Peter Segal told Yeas & Nays. ?We?ve been delighted to find out that most prominent people end up having one. Everyone likes to do rubber chicken gags. ... We?re hoping this is true of Justice Breyer.?
Clinton, Carville give their pool picks

On Thursday, former President Bill Clinton shared his NCAA Men?s Basketball Tournament picks with former adviser James Carville and Luke Russert (son of ?Meet the Press? host Tim) on their ?60/20? sports radio show (the show airs today and will be rebroadcast this weekend on XM Satellite Radio).
Clinton, who attended Georgetown University, went with the chalk, picking Florida, North Carolina, Ohio State and Kansas to make the Final Four, although he added, ?Emotionally, I?m pulling for Georgetown because it?s my alma mater.?
When asked which team he?d favor if Georgetown played Arkansas, he replied, ?You know, I?m not running for anything anymore. Usually, I just try not to say anything that?ll hurt Hillary. But, on this one, I?m going to plead politics. That?s my business.?
Carville, who graduated from Louisiana State University, has got Memphis going all the way ? ?just because they upset the college basketball establishment.?
We didn?t hear who Russert favors, but his old man is probably taking the Bills.
Terrorists have feelings, too
During his recent U.S. military hearing held at the Guantanamo Bay prison, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad had a small bone to pick with his questioners.
?[M]y name is misspelled in the Summary of Evidence,? Muhammad said. ?It should be S-h-a-i-k-h or S-h-e-i-k-h, but not S-h-a-y-k-h as it is in the subject line.?
Top Rumsfeld aide is transferred

Eric Ruff, who was the Pentagon?s press secretary under Donald Rumsfeld, has been quietly transferred to become the strategic media adviser for the Army.
Before coming to the Pentagon, Ruff worked as a flack for Sens. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, John Warner, R-Va., and Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, as well as the National Restaurant Association and the Department of the Interior.
But his more ignominious claim to fame was that in 2004, when he was the No. 2 guy in the Pentagon press shop, he accidentally left handwritten talking points for Rumsfeld and a map to Rumsfeld?s house at a Starbucks in the District.
Nevertheless, Lawrence DiRita, a former associate of Ruff?s at the Pentagon who now works for Bank of America, called him a ?real talent.?
He said Ruff has ?gotten other offers but is staying on longer to help out,? noting he?s been involved with responding to the allegations of poor treatment of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed.
A Pentagon spokesman did not return a call asking about who Ruff?s replacement might be.

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Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

Rock solid "sources"!!! Dirty strikes again!!

*FishbowlDC is a gossip blog that focuses on D.C. media. It is written by Patrick W. Gavin. Patrick W. Gavin

Well, it?s nice to see that the Examiner is really proud of its new Yeas & Nays gossip column by our beloved Patrick Gavin and Jeff Dufour. Their grinning mugs appeared on the front page today, bleeding into the masthead and on page six (coincidence? we think not), the two appear side-by-side, closer than even Rush and Malloy have ever been seen together. We agree they do need all the promotion they can get because we?re betting that only Washington insiders really know who the hell they are. And it?s always nice to share gossip with a couple of random grinning dudes.



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Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

yea Doc... I am just proving that I can find just as many Bullshit right wing rags as you do with your Daily Truths and Sources... you laughing at anyones sources shows your Stupidity and Ignorance once again.... God if you only knew how everyone laughs at you, and i am beginning to believe the ones on the left that ag you on and agree with you on stuff do so cause they don't want to quit laughing if you stop


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Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

Doc I have to take a break 2-3 times a day for a few hours in here so I can get my head to quit hurting from laughing at your lame ass Homophobic Jokes...
Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

I guess you spend those 2-3 hrs reading the National Enquirer and the Limbaugh Chronicles??


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Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

Nah Doc, I have a life.... I don't live and die for Alex Jones and the EOG Political Forum....
Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

I forgot ....

there is that 3 hr radio show every day called "Fascism .... Its here to stay"
that consumes your energy!!
Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

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Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...
<HR style="COLOR: #2b295e" SIZE=1>Rock solid "sources"!!!

ROFLMFAO The king of plagerism is worried about 'rock solid sources" Absolutely hilarious.
Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...


so how does this work .... the Warden lets inmates use the computers for an hour in the day and an hour at nite?

Just guessing based on your pattern and "reputation"


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Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

What Fury is not here to use that one on anymore Doc... so you have to Bring it out on Archie....God damn you are a fucking clueless Moron
Re: 'Conspiracy' comes back for Clintons; New Book Claims More Affairs...

What our nation needs is another inquiry into bill clinton's sex life. It's the most important issue in the history of a nation rife with liars, thieves, and mass murderers cavorting as generals and politicians.