Contest: ZzyzxRoad EOG Future?


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Friday at 11:33 AM
Jammer said:
Ram/Salisbury over 23.5 games (-110) FanDuel
If you can prove that you bet this for more $5, I'll never post here again.

This was posted by ZzyxxRoad on Friday. I gave him a chance to recant but he refused.

Contest- which one of these scenarios will happen?

1. He will continue to post here as if nothing happened.
2. He will leave and comeback under another alias.
3. He will be a man of his word and leave the site forever.
4. He will go on a cruise with Abundy to chase women and drink top shelf liquor.

First person to correctly responded with the right answer (and this remains to be seen), will get a signed Deion Sanders mini helmet.

This contest will replace the March Madness contest, so for those of you who are upset about that, blame ZzyzxRoad!!!

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You win- this clown re-negged as we all thought he would, as he is so desperate to post here. Thought he could be cute, and got his ass handed to him. Next.
I will PM you and you can send me your addy if you want the mini helmet
Birdie- no chance to defend your title, as EOG's resident nut job ruined it for you.


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What's the backstory with this EOG family feud?

No feud- just some lonely dude starving for attention. Case and point, calls me out regarding my best bet and says he will never post again. Then when you respond, he claims you are stalking him. Wash rinse repeat. Strange bird- every forum has them.