Could be the worst game I've seen all year


The opening odds start here
Pittsburgh leads Iowa St 36-26 at the under 11 media timeout. Both trans are a combined 3/25 (12%) this far in the second half. 9 points total in the half thus far. I don't know if In watching CBB otr rugby. So many clanks, so many turnovers.

Both teams at this rate will not come close to combining for 100.

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I wonder if 41 points is lowest in NCAA tourney for a single digit seed.

I immediately thought of some of those Bo Ryan-coached teams at Wisconsin.

I remember a 48-38 game in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge with Wisconsin besting Virginia.

In the NCAA tournament...



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Since the shot clock, lowest score was NCAA 1999 tournament Round 1, 5th seed Wisconsin lost to 12th seed SW Missouri State, 43-32.
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Duke/Tennesse have something to say about this....

Defensive athleticism on display but both of these teams struggle to play the game of basketball.