Derby card at CD

What's your thought on the gate this yr being one as opposed to the split of yrs past. PP1 little further off the fence.
I think it will make a difference. If you like Known Agenda, don't let it deter you from betting him. The horses to his outside do not have much early speed, so Irad Ortiz should be able to secure position.
Top Beyers (1 mile or longer)

Rock Your World 100
Hot Rod Charlie 99
Medina Spirit 99
Mandaloun 98
Essential Quality 97
Highly Motivated 97
Essential Quality 96
O Besos 96
Medina Spirut 96

Top Thorograph (the lower the number, the better)

Essential Quality -0.2
Essential Quality 0
Highly Motivated 1.1
Known Agenda 1.2
Soup and Sandwich 1.3
Dynamic One 2
Rock Your World 2.3
O Besos 2.3

TG showing much more clarity while the Beyers have 8 horses within 2 lengths.
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My thought is with the 1 hole off the fence I would be looking for under or over lays. The room on the interior has to matter and I have no idea how much or if it is in the numbers.
The public gets something in their mind and is usually slow to change. It's in their
mind the 1 hole is horrible. It's not great, but no longer automatic death sentence it was with the double starting gates.
yep, I would have to play a place if i played it.... I am not a horse bettor. It is something that the legal sports books in NJ and maybe some other states don't take horses. I did notice NJ has started the move on matchup style horse racing.. BUT that was before the flu hit.. I have not heard anything since