Devin Booker


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Middleton is gassed. He admitted it in not so many words post-game. He literally won 2 games for them.

There's nobody I trust with the ball late but him (MILW). PHO has a plethora of guys if Booker would just look up.

MILW up 3-2 but I'm a little uncomfortable with a series win.
The most frustrating thing to me about Game 5 was you had Holiday in foul trouble and they didn't go after him. He didn't sit long when he had the 2 fouls, they could have easily gotten switches and had Booker on him and then had him drive hard to the basket and see if you get another call. Chances were if he did face that risk he would have changed his defensive intensity and approach and Booker could have gotten some easier shots on him.

When a Suns player is in foul trouble the Bucks will smartly target him on the defensive end and try to get him out of the game. Monty has to be smarter about identifying that and going after it. Get any of the big 3 in foul trouble and keep at them.


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Chris Paul has to be an offensive 'go to' and that spells a disaster for PHX. CP has had some clutch games these playoffs but how quick we forget what a playoff flop he has been throughout his career. All of a sudden, these PHX rile players that have been incredible to their success don't look so energetic and efficient. Dangerous to count on this Bucks team but I think they take care of business tomorrow.