Don't drink lots of coffe can avoid of glaucoma

Recently, the United States a "survey of ophthalmology and visual science journals," pointed out that the daily drink more than 3 cups of coffee, a variety of eye disease greatly increased the risk, especially in glaucoma. The study selected 79,000 women and 42,000 male volunteers, all from the US Nurse Health Tracker and the Occupational Health Tracker. The results of the final study found that people who drink more coffee than those who do not drink coffee with exfoliative glaucoma or suspected glaucoma may increase the likelihood. More data show that the largest area of ??consumption of coffee in northern Europe is the world's highest incidence of exfoliative glaucoma.If can only choose one kind of cosmetics, what would you choose?It has been done this survey before , the results of the vast majority of women chose to buy revitalash uk, followed by powdery cake.Actually whether the single-edged eyelid, mini eyes and short eyelash or sparse eyelash.A good mascara can solve all these problems, brightand prominent eyes can also show off delicate and delicate face.revitalash price is reasonable, you can buy it from official website.

Drink coffee, beware of glaucoma! Experts, drinking coffee can lead to glaucoma incidence. And glaucoma patients must not drink coffee, because coffee is a spicy food, they will stimulate the nervous system, resulting in increased intraocular pressure. Lack of sleep, over exertion and emotional excitement and other factors can induce glaucoma attack.

That bogey smoke, avoid sprinkling, avoid drinking tea. Excessive smoking, due to the role of nicotine can cause retinal vasospasm, leading to optic nerve ischemia, cyanide in tobacco can cause toxic amblyopia, endanger visual function. Large amounts of alcohol can cause eye telangiectasia, eye congestion increased, and even lead to acute glaucoma. Drinking tea although diuretic function, but often in excessive excitement, affect sleep, causing increased intraocular pressure.