Drunken Mania at the Preakness

Re: Drunken Mania at the Preakness

I think this is the last year that you're allowed to bring your own alcohol to the Preakness. I went every year when I was in college. Freakness was always a good time. Everyone gets shit faced. Tons of "show yoru tits" chants...adn the ladies comply.

I was 2 for 3 in convincing someone to run across the top of the port-o-potties when i went.

Also saw lots of dudes get knocked the fuck out. Usually Redskins fans.
Re: Drunken Mania at the Preakness

Why aren't you with them. I know I would be.:+clueless

went out last night, got to man the fort here today. hope to see a young lady this evening who goes out with me on purpose, so couldnt be out all day. the preakness is an awesome event.

as roach said....the ladies show the titties with great frequency.



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Re: Drunken Mania at the Preakness

My buddies just called and everyone is ripped already. oh what an event the preakness is.

reminds me of the indy 500... its a 2-week event. in high school there was a specific day every year when every senior all over the city would skip school without excuse & go to quals in the infield at IMS, called "senior skip day", and have a drunken blast. what would the schools do... suspend 1/3 of their students citywide?

sometimes democracy is good.