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God this game drives me nuts. My Ace high straight lost to a FH when the board hit 3 7's I'm done for a bit. Which means I'll be back on in about 15 minuets LOL
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I have nothing to do tonight (incase i somehow last past 10 minutes)

I just joined the 5k Deep Stack 25+2.50
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These tables are hilarious. I suck out on some moron, and he goes off, calling me a donkey. We're playing for $1. :shoot:

I need to reload and play in more of those tourneys that Tucker loves. Did fairly well the two times I played.
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Player KingRevolver finished in 1 place
Player charmed753 finished in 2 place
Player Chef White finished in 3 place
Player ozziefas finished in 4 place
Player coachrobc finished in 5 place
Player DJDalamar1 finished in 6 place



EOG Dedicated
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I'm in a hotel room in bumfuck Oklahoma I don't have many options. If there was a crad room near I be there everynight.