EOG's Best Bet thread for Saturday, May 1


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5/1/21 7:05pm MLB Baseball 975 Boston Red Sox/Texas Rangers Over 8 -125

BTW - I know as much about horse racing as I do about animal husbandry, but I'm going to try 9-Hot Rod Charlie in today's Churchill Downs Race 12 (8-1)


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Updated: Fulham is getting Relegated so counted that as a WIN

Winkyduck 763-1055-56 -24.90 UNITS (Sunday May 2: Newcastle +0.5 -106; Anderson Cooper to be the new permanent Jeopardy host +500; Maple Leaves to win the Cup +1400; First non-extradition country Trump enters: Russia +200; Joe Ingles to be NBA 6th Man/Year +600 AND Tom Thibodeau to be CoY +1100; Rockies Win % UNDER 40 -126)