EOG's Best Bet thread for Sunday, May 2


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Game was ppd.....fans protesting against the Glazier family ownership of Man U broke into the stadium prior to gametime. Maybe Detroit Lions fans should take a page out of their book and storm Ford Field to protest Ford family ownership of the Lions! By the way, the Glazier family owns the TB Bucs too!
If the PL had any balls they would declare the game a FORFEIT and give Liverpool the 3 points AND deduct 3 from Man U for this travesty. This should not happen to one of the World's biggest and richest clubs. I could see this happening at Millwall. Heck - this wouldn't even make news if it happened there. But for this to happen where it did - DISGRACEFUL!


TYVM Morgan William!!!

Tuesday May 4:

PSG TT Un1 +101

Winkyduck 763-1056-56 -25.96 UNITS (Tuesday May 4: PSG TT Un1 +101; Anderson Cooper to be the new permanent Jeopardy host +500; Maple Leaves to win the Cup +1400; First non-extradition country Trump enters: Russia +200; Joe Ingles to be NBA 6th Man/Year +600 AND Tom Thibodeau to be CoY +1100; Rockies Win % UNDER 40 -126)