EPL overs rolling?

I've been hitting a few of these. Chanpions league determination means more for some along with end of season fatigue has a lot to do with this. Returning from international play factors in too. It won't stop either with EUROs coming up this summer. So much going on. So many teams gunning for that 4th spot in standings to secure champions league. Everton is going to give everything. I can see them really going for it today vs Brighton which will open things up for Brighton who isn't that bad on counters.
Brighton had their chances. It will be interesting to see if PSG can hold on against Bayern. They probably should be thanking their lucky stars Lewandowski is injured.
Mourninho knows his defense is in trouble with everything that has been going on with injuries. He's going try to win this match vs Everton 4 to 3. What he has at his disposal right now sn't what he wants back on defense.

This one is going over 2.5 goals in my opinion. I believe it's going to cash.
The strong line move to the under wins with a 1-0 game. Overs are now 10-2 last 12.

Next up Ful/Arse Sunday 530 AM PST leaning to under 2.5 -120 (PIN).

Them cums ManU/Burnley at 8 AM leaning over 2.5 -143 (PIN).


TYVM Morgan William!!!
The strong line move to the under wins with a 1-0 game. Overs are now 10-2 last 12.

Next up Ful/Arse Sunday 530 AM PST leaning to under 2.5 -120 (PIN).

Them cums ManU/Burnley at 8 AM leaning over 2.5 -143 (PIN).
Might be looking Under here. With Newcastle winning Saturday, Fulham is now 9 points back with 6 to play. Last game they host Newcastle so if they are within 3 they can escape but I think they play "not to lose" here and we get a low scoring game.

As for the latter game: I suggest waiting to see what happens at Arsenal. IF Fulham gets a point - or even 3 - I think we see Burnley "Park the Bus" and play for 1 very important point
Medium sharp buying on...

Southampton +0.5 (-109) over Tottenham achieves an LJP 2U
Fade, follow, or....zzzzzzzzzzz. Your choice, your responsibility.

For live betting, as game just started minutes ago & is 0-0 early.
A 1-2 loss. Southampton took the early lead...at which point it was possible to bet the other side for a free shot, middle shot or guaranteed profit. A late 90 minute goal made it a 2-1 final.
I saw the snow on the ground yesterday and its May.

About time some good weather for Chelsea-Madrid. Ramos is back for Madrid but how rusty will he be? The thing that sticks out to me is the fact Madrid can advance with any draw other than 0-0. They can afford to take some chances in the 1st half of this match. People are saying Eden Hazard is ready for this match and wants to change the perception everybody has of him in 90 minutes.

Chelsea bossed the midfield in 1st leg but that was with the downpour. We will see what happens today with clear sunny weather. Its gonna be good.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Past 6 matches for Chelsea have gone under 2.5 but there's too much going on here to bet it today.
I played Un1.5 +221 (Now around +235ish)

If the game ends 1-0 whoever scores that goal advances. I can see both teams playing cautious. One correction: A 1-1 Draw sees the game go to Extra Time.

I think we see Chelsea score a goal after the 70th minute on a counterattack with Madrid pressing forward and wins 1-0
I've been getting burned all season on stoppage time goals. Had under 1/2 goals 1st half in City v Chelsea, a 44th min goal fucked that up, and had draw for the same game, 92nd min goal by Chelsea fucked that up.

Winkyduck, doesn't late season EPL games generally go over 2.5?


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Makes sense.

Wednesday Un2.5 is -126 against Arsenal. In this game if someone likes Under 2.5 I think the better play is Gooners TT UN0.5 +129 because if Arsenal scores I think the game goes OVER 2.5 so get 50-cents more for kinda/sorta the same bet

Saturday Un2.5 -128 in the FA Cup Final against Leicester but on the big pitch at Wembley - once again I just don't see how 3 goals get scored. Under 2 +149 or even Un1.5 +230 is tempting

Tuesday the same 2 go at it again with Un2.5 -125ish. Knowing how important this game is for both I just don't see how 3 goals are scored. Under 1.5 +233 sure looks good and the 0-0 detector is sure flashing bright here with these 2 playing 72 hours after the FA Cup Final
Shocked Arsenal beat Chelsea. Keeps thing a little interesting in the league.

West Ham got life for that 4th spot. Chelsea has such an interesting last couple weeks left. They can taste glory or completely implode. It wouldn't shock me one bit if they do. Their players getting run into the ground with their schedule.

Obviously Liverpool has to give it a go against United today regardless.
Southampton vs Fulham over 2.5 goals. Wet out. Great for the players. Fulham starting 18 year old Fabio Carvalho.

They have been relegated so we're either going to get a stomping by Southampton especially with Inga back in form up front or Fulham actually scores some goals with their young players. They know no better.