Eurovision starts in 15 minutes

Got action all over the place here. Some huge ass scalps and my friends "Waldo's People" are going second to last.

If Norway wins we'll be drinking aquavite or something all night.

If Finland wins I'm buying everyone here a fucking round.
Re: Eurovision starts in 15 minutes

My top 10 rankings pre-show:

1. Iceland 95
2. Norway 94
3. Romania 93
4. UK 93
5. Spain 92
6. Turkey 91
7. France 90
8. Finland 89
9. Malta 88
10. Greece 88
Re: Eurovision starts in 15 minutes

25 different countries will perform. European countries call in and vote American Idol-style, except they rank them by country and add up the poin totals.

First up is Lithuania. Guy is a dead-ringer for Matt Giraud complete with fedora. He's a better singer than Shovelface but not good enough though.

72 score for Lithuania.
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I predict this thread will be the European song equivalent of Mo's daily in-game threads, but less successful. We aim low here.

Israel is up with two moderately attractive women singing a mildly unappealing duet. Liked it less than the semis.

Score 79 for Israel.

Frenchies on deck.
Re: Eurovision starts in 15 minutes

no chance at all for Miss Iceland

Euros hate Iceland, their banks lost their money.

I bet Eurovision once and got fucking robbed. Their is an eastern Euro voting bloc

Iceland was funny as hell

lets see if I can find it
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France with a very strong performance. That was reminiscent of a young Edith Piaff. May not be enough to win but I wouldn't be surprised if they place 4th or 5th.

Sweden with an unappealing blonde and a rather painful song. She's rather average looking and rather average singing.


France 93
Sweden 81
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Re: Eurovision starts in 15 minutes

Hey I'm not alone in here.

Mr. Smith, this shit is so far superior to Idol it's not even funny.

Iceland up in a bit.

You got any action? I'm all over the place on this one. Playing with the house's money with the Waldo's People windfall.
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Croatian Ivan kicked ass. Guy has a nice singing voice. Won't win but top 10 finish is possible.

Dmmd's Portugal incorporating bongo drums, a flute, and an accordion on a song that goes with a fantastic set design. I hated this song before but it's growing on me. Could be a dark horse.

Croatia 89
Portugal 88
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Johanna with a stellar performance from Iceland. That would be a hit country song right now if Lee Ann Rimes or someone like that sang it. She's not as good as the French girl singing-wise but better song.

Greece with an average performance. Not their best effort this year.


Iceland 94
Greece 85
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Armenia with a hideous deep-voiced female singer. IMO, they should never have made the finals. Closer to last place than first there.

Crowd goes nuts for Russian girl. Just not that great a song and voice though.


Armenia 65
Russia 82
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Azerbaijan is doing a Shakira number. Seriously, she could sue for copyright damages on this one. I'm not impressed by the singing even if the hips don't lie.

Score: 78

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a guy that reminds me of Adam Lambert, and not in a good way. He's way too overdramatic and lacks the voice for this.

Score 71
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Score is low for Anastasia of Russia, no? Is home crowd and lots of republic will how you say vote for motherland.
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I think they have a blind draw for the order. songs more towards the end tend to be remembered better by voters. just like the idol tardfest
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Girl from Moldova has a great voice. But they pick a hideous song that doesn't highlight it and has some stupid polka beat. I wasn't feeling the song choice dawg.

Score: 77

Fat chick from Malta up next. Very good singer.
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Chiara from Malta kicked ass with her song. Another one that could be a Faith Hill country hit or on a movie soundtrack. I'm biased so I put her just below Iceland but that was very good, it may have been better in all honesty.

Score- Malta 93
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Roach see the link I posted if you want to watch it on the internet. It is not broadcast on TV in America, but it is watched all over Europe.


EOG Dedicated
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the american version brings more than enough gayness to the table to feed everyone who wants a bellyful of gay. european gayness is a garnish.
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Estonia with a pretty cute lead singer and they are going the violin cello route. Pretty forgettable song and performance though, probably around mid-pack.

Brinck from Denmark a pretty damn good singer. Slightly catchy song as well. Likely won't win but deserves upper-half placing.

9 more left to perform.
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Janus must have known Germany was up next. They give him enough ammo for a 100-year gay bashing shooting spree. If this one wins, then indeed all of Europe is gay.

Score: 74
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Turkey with the second note for note copy of Shakira. Liked it less than the semis. Can't see it winning with that even though I had them higher rated previously.

Albania manages to be worse than Armenia in the battle for 24th and 25th place. They both sound like the "Ken Lee" girl audition.

Turkey 87
Albania 62

Now come the heavyweights with 6 left. Favorites Norway are on.
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Janus it was pretty bad, made Glambert look heterosexual.

Norway with a solid favorite performance. I didn't love it but it still is the favorite for a reason. Probably just not my preference in song.

Ukraine with another recycled Shakira song. Average at best.

Norway 95
Ukraine 81

Steam coming in on Azerbaijan. That could be the Eastern bloc choice.
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Watching the lines move at Betfair in-running is as entertaining as the show.

Waldo's People got up to 180-1. Like I said there will be (will likely not be) an epic party if they win.
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Romania sounding a little Shakira-ish in parts. Seriously did here album just come out in Europe?

Score: 88

Three left, pretty UK girl, Waldo's People, and Spain. Right now Norway looks to be the one to beat.
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UK picks a Leona Lewis looking girl to sing with Andrew Lloyd Webber playing piano for her. Problem is the song sounds like one of those cheesy American Idol coronation numbers. Pretty good singer, mediocre song.

Score: 90

Here comes Waldo's People!
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Waldo's with a live performance not nearly as good as the record. They won't win but some easy money there buying back as the odds sunk from 180 peak to 80/90. Needless to say I owe these guys a Christmas card or whatever they do in Finland.

Spain sings another shitty Shakira copy. I'm sick of these by now.

Finland 91
Spain 80
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That's it for all 25.

Norway the odds-on favorite now. Azerbaijan with an outside shot if the Eastern countries gang up and the West splits.

Greece, England simply not good enough imo. Iceland will not have the political backing.

Denmark and Malta gave probably the two best performances in my eyes but they are long shots at best.

My top 10:

1. Norway
2. Iceland
3. Malta
4. France
5. Finland
6. UK
7. Croatia
8. Romania
9. Portugal
10. Turkey/Denmark
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Closed out and locked-in some positions.

Bought more Azerbaijan to make sure I showed some profit if they win.

Right now the only ones who could win and make me lose are Greece and UK.

I could buy a small country if Iceland or Finland wins, but that probably won't happen.

Norway or Azerbaijan is fine with me and my wallet.
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Just to give you an idea of how big this is, Betfair has over 4 million dollars matched in bets on it.

Compare that to American Idol that they have just over 200k bet.

Not that it is the best comparison but it is somewhat relevant.

Azebaijan odds dropping through the floor.