Fezzik GOY Part II


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Fezzik's teaser of the year was a field goal to the left from going down....

Teaser of the year is a first for me, but Fezzik and Bell know the ABS, always be selling.


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Krackman was very complimentary this morning just by the sheer mention he plays some of Fezzik's stuff.

A little surprising, but I learned in Vegas you keep it friendly, small town, you never know when you need a favor.


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Texas State -17 is the 3*.

It's funny about Fezzik, for a advantage player he still likes to utilize old school situational handicapping. Fading NEV after a big effort. The only time
I met him at 'The M' he was talking a revenge spot in CBB, which lost. The only advantage he has is getting to a number than never comes back. No data
base, no historical trends. He says he wins. Who knows?


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This HEIM truly is a donk.

Everyone with a pulse wins.

The hard part is winning large.

Whenever I hear someone question "Does that guy win" it's such a bad question. Complete Dumbos win. (Sorry Cutter).


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Even Tony Bigcharles wins. The guy has parlayed his last $500 into a $25k sockroll over so many years and has been as high as $40k. He's living the dream currently in Reno the biggest little city in the world.


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Texas State -17 is the 3*.

As stated, all Fezzik has in his tool belt is old situational handicapping. What letdown after Kansas? Those teams were equal at Reno.

Kansas was far from a 28 point favorite. I could see if Nevada beat SC or Oregon. Sometimes it pays to watch a game or two.
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Still climbing

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Note early selection of Pit ML as well as another bet +3 on gameday:

9/24/23 Sunday (7/6/23 12:19pm) Pit ML -110 vs LV [23-18] NFL 3 W 3
9/24/23 Sunday (9/24/23 7:43am) PROP Sea QB Wilson rush yds OVER 15.5 -140 [0] NFL 2 L -2.8
9/24/23 Sunday (9/24/23 9:24am) Pit +3 -115 [23-18] NFL 2 W 2

YTD +43.80u